Settle Appraisal Services Inc.

Benefits of our Technology Tools

SASI offers technology solutions via web site ordering, tracking, and delivery of final reports to our clients.

Our secure web based system can be used to manage the entire valuation process for each of your orders placed with us. Each time our clients request the status of their orders from our Secured Web site they are viewing the most recent updates for each active order. Additionally our clients can monitor our performance on an order by order basis or our aggregrate performance per state. Our Secured Web Site provides our valued customers with the ability to place, track, and obtain completed reports at any time that is convenient to them.

In addition to availability of completed reports on our web site for current orders, we maintain an online archive for up to a years worth of reports that our clients have instant access to. After a year has passed SASI continues to store completed reports in electronic format for as long as our clients request (typically 5 years). We have found that many clients use our capabilities as a secondary offsite storage for their appraisals and BPOs.

  • Lenders
    Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. (SASI) has been an Industry leader in REO appraisal management since 1998. SASI offers web-based ordering/tracking technology allowing the lender real time status 7/24.
  • Appraisers
    SASI has put together a panel of over 4,000 approved appraisers nationwide which must meet strict requirement guidelines before facilitating any appraisals for our company.
  • Agents
    Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. (SASI) currently does not list REO properties and for bpo's please see our affiliate.