Settle Appraisal Services Inc.


”Settle Appraisal Services has been working with LPS Asset Management Solutions providing outstanding appraisals for us since 2000. They provide quality appraisals and continue to score high in turn times. Working with Settle is trouble-free; the staff is always helpful and quick to respond on any issue. Settle Appraisals is always willing to work with LPSAMS on difficult properties to help resolve any issues and complete difficult appraisals other companies will not handle. It is a pleasure working with them. They are definitely one of the best at what they do! “

- Kristie Murtaugh
  Pre-Marketing Team Lead LPSAMS


”Settle Appraisal Services in concert with their certified staff appraiser, developed specific guidelines and trained a pool of appraiser for our Construction Lending Special Asset division to ensure we received the proper appraisals to assist us in our decision making process. Working with Settle has far exceeded First Horizon's expectations in numerous aspects of our professional relationship. Not only were normal requests handled expeditiously and with accurate information a lender could count on, but it was the "special" requests that were addressed without hesitation and in a spirit of "no problem." In this profession, a sense of understanding in an ever changing market and its implications on the value of a collateral is critical. Settle Appraisal Services has been assisting First Horizon for the past five years. As an employee of First Horizon, I only wish we could have found them sooner.“

- Ellen Walker
  Senior Vice President, Special Assets
  First Horizon Home Loans


”Having worked with several appraisal management companies I have found Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. to be one of the more professional and better organized companies in the industry.  Assignment conditions and expectations are clearly set forth and they have provided me with a steady and reliable source of appraisal assignments.  Response times for any questions I may have regarding an assignment are immediate and their understanding of their clients needs is clearly evident.  The representatives I deal with at Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. are always professional and personable and don't treat their vendors like just another number as many of the larger amc's have a tendency to do these days.  It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to provide appraisal services for Settle Appraisal Services, Inc.“

- John Jaeger
  Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser
  Owner/Citywide Appraisal Services


”Over the past 10 years of our business relationship, one important thing has remained constant. I have always had direct contact with you or one of your staff. In this ever-changing technological world, that personal connection has set Settle Appraisal Services apart from other AMC's.“

- Keith Thornton
  Thornton Appraisal Inc


”Settle Appraisal chooses the most qualified and reliable appraisers across the country. I have been performing appraisals for Settle Appraisal for over 12 years. I have been appraising for 25 years. Orders from Settle Appraisal are always a priority and they know that I am dedicated to performing the highest quality appraisals in a reliable time frame. Settle appraisal requires their experienced appraisers to provide them with an access date within 24 to 48 hours. This insures that access to the property is not a problem. They are always in contact with the appraiser and insure that the due date is going to be met. The key to obtaining a good appraisal is to knowing the best and most reliable appraisers in the area, and with their experience they can virtually guarantee a reliable appraiser and a reliable value.“

- Casey Dean Eisnor, SRA
   State Certified General
   Real Estate Appraiser #3144


”As a current vendor it is a pleasure working with the staff at Settle Appraisal. Their customer service, communication, and professionalism is truly stellar.  Questions or concerns that arise are answered without delay, and this responsiveness makes it possible for us to provide excellent service to Settle Appraisal and its clients.  At Forsythe Appraisals, LLC we look forward to the continuation of what has always been a mutually beneficial  relationship with Settle Appraisal.“

- Forsythe Appraisals, LLC
  St. Paul, MN Corporate Office


”I have worked with Settle Appraisal Services for the past nine years and have never had better clients.  As an appraiser with 13 years experience,  I deal with many unfortunate issues (late payments, lender pressure, unrealistic requests, etc). However, with Settle, I never have had a bad experience, which is not common within the appraisal industry.  Their staff is efficient and always available for questions and support.  They truly are one of the best appraisal service companies in the business today.“

- Jodie Argubright
  Certified Residential Appraiser
  Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan Area
  Bridge City Appraisal, PC


”We have been doing business with Settle Appraisal & BPO Service since 1998. Excellent customer service and turn around time. Being able to access our BPO's and Appraisals through their website 24-7 is another huge plus “

- Kathy Hansen
  Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Senior Associate
  Mid West Loan Services


”I've obtained hundreds of appraisals and BPOs through Settle Appraisal Services over the years for residential properties nationwide. If there is ever an issue with an appraisal, Settle resolves it for me promptly. If you like fast, personalized, and courteous service and attention to detail is important to you, try Settle Appraisal for your appraisal and BPO needs. With Settle you never have to "settle". “

- Robert Bell
  Assistant Vice President – Asset Management
  WSFS Bank


”I highly recommend Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. They are very well-organized, professional and good at what they do. They are a valuable asset to our company.“

- Saundra Sanchez-Mora
  Asst. Vice President-Servicing Division
  PrimeWest Mortgage Corp.


”Settle Appraisal Services is a company which I enjoy working with. Over the past several years I have worked for several management companies. The personal touch and great communications are what make Settle stand out. Professionalism and a real concern for helping the client are hallmarks of Settle Appraisal. I go the extra mile to really answer the questions our clients are looking for; condition of the property, complexities of a specific neighborhood and the special characteristics of the real estate we are dealing with. I can tell through my telephone calls and emails with Settle that they are also committed to helping our clients make the correct decisions. It feels more like a “team effort” than just filling out a form and hitting send. Post production concerns are our concerns. Make a good business decision, decide on Settle Appraisal Services, Inc for your appraisal management needs.“

- Patrick Sullivan SRA
  A & J Appraisal, Inc.
  St.Cert.Res.REA 308
  Serving South Florida


  • Lenders
    Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. (SASI) has been an Industry leader in REO appraisal management since 1998. SASI offers web-based ordering/tracking technology allowing the lender real time status 7/24.
  • Appraisers
    SASI has put together a panel of over 4,000 approved appraisers nationwide which must meet strict requirement guidelines before facilitating any appraisals for our company.
  • Agents
    Settle Appraisal Services, Inc. (SASI) currently does not list REO properties and for bpo's please see our affiliate.